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Hotel Impossible Ep. 613

When Hotel Impossible decided to come back to Maine and help the Charles Inn, we were excited to again led the charge and take on a really unique project. For this episode we were fortunate to work with Ann Rue from Ann Rue interiors.

MCG made drastic changes to the lobby of the hotel including a new tile floor, reclaiming an old parquet floor, custom double barn doors and lots of navy paint. While we were there, MCG also remodeled one of the guest suites.

This project was completed in just 72 hours and would not have been possible without the help from Ann Rue and our in house team at Maine Construction Group.

Hotel Impossible Ep. 613

Hotel Impossible Ep. 408

MCG was contacted late in the summer of 2014 by Atlas media and asked if we would like to interview with their designer and Audition to be on the TV Show “Hotel Impossible” which was set to tape an episode in Brewer.

After receiving the contract, MCG worked closely with designer Blanche Garcia to get the project off the ground and scheduled. During taping, MCG with the help of Blanche and some late night hours were able to complete the job in less than 72 hours, a job that would normally take at least 2 weeks.

Special thanks to all who helped with this project including the team from B. Garcia Designs and the in house team at Maine Construction Group. We could not have done it without you!

Hotel Impossible Ep. 408

Red Barn Project

A custom 24' x 32' gambrel roof garage MCG built for a customer in Corinth.

Red Barn Project